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Haider Farman, Manager of Asian Games Department of OCA,We try O-Sport to Accede in the Asian Games Morteza Bank, We hope "O-Sport" Recognize by IOC Governmental Officials to negotiate (bargain) and Persuading O-Sport Demands from the Olympic Council of Asia

What We Do?

O-Sport Events

O-Sport have following 5 events.

  • Combat O-Sport

    O-Sport Combat have 4 events of combat. 1) ESPADAN 2) AHMATAN 3) OXIAN 4) AXAYA .

  • Artistic O-Sport

    Artistic O-Sport have 2 events. 1) AMADAY - (Mono-star Á Bi-stars) 2) ISTATIS - (Mono-star Á Bi-stars).

  • Aqua O-Sport (Caspian)

    Swimming:Reaching from start point to end in the fastest possible time. Failure to reach the finish line means removal from competition.

  • Mind O-Sport (Tis Koupan)

    Tis Koupan stones usually contains 12 black stones and 12 white stones; a grid has 24 points. Tis koupan Board measures between 40 to 45 CM in length & width

  • Precision O-Sport (Partian)

    Traditional model of shooting with V-Shape slingshot, which is confirmed of shooting the plastic bullets to the seibel on two models of fixed shooter Á movable shooter.

Our upcoming Seminars

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O-Sport Best Fighters

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Our upcoming Events

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Asian O-Sport Championships

August 22,2018

Then WOF will back to Hamedan to promoting 7th Asian O-Sport Championships during 2nd International Humanitarian Games on 18th ~ 22nd August.

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O-SPORT World Championships

October 22,2018

Don’t forget that on O-SPORT World championships will be held during 2nd World Elite Games on 19th ~ 22nd October again in kemer-Antalya.

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O-SPORT National Championship

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First O-SPORT National Championship organized by O-Sport Association of Maharashtra. Trial Selection for 7th WOF ASIAN Championship.

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